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by Mike Jackson

Ever wondered what it takes to get your copy of La Baguette delivered through your door - apart from a postman that is?
Compiling all the articles and reports, advertising, editing and writing up stories and pre-print production whilst a major task and brilliantly organised by Editor Jeff Hathaway, still leaves some 4,600 copies to be packed, address labelled and stamped! It may not actually sound too daunting to some, yet anyone who has helped in this task, as I have - regularly, will soon tell you that that’s one big pile of print and a lot of labels and stamps.
The La Baguette team is therefore hugely grateful to the many individuals who regularly help with ‘the stuffing’ as it has come to be known. We are particularly grateful to Martha and Julian Bernstein and the many members of the Twinning Association who turn out in numbers and also to our other regular and much appreciated helpers, Anne and George May, Reg and Mary Langlois, Dave Cashell, Margaret Holland Prior, Senator Sarah Ferguson Caroline Hathaway and Richard Bernstein. Our thanks to you all!
‘The stuffing’ has also become a wonderful social occasion and anyone who would care to help will be made very welcome.
A schedule has yet to be arranged for our Autumn edition, but is you would like to help in this, or in any other way with La Baguette, please contact either the Parish Hall on 741141, or Editor, Jeff Hathaway by email:
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